Then and now.

Imagetribe was formed in the early 2000′s as a partnership, highlighting website development and new media for small business and the tech sector during the boom.

Today, Imagetribe is essentially a tribe of one, with the hat being worn by Chris Appleton.

Where my business lies today is in working regionally with small business and non-profit entities. I want to help the small guy look
good. I find value in this and enjoy the relationships that are created. I look forward
to hearing from you.

Chris Appleton

Founder | Designer

| Services :

Identity & Branding

We can help you give a face to your business in a cost-effective and attractive manner. This can simply be a logo creation, logo re-design or a full-scale branding campaign.

Your identity is part of what sets your business apart, and we can help you stand out and be proud of what you do and the image you create.

Print Media

Print media is the tried and true aspect of
marketing and design.

This is what people take hold of, digest, and internalize what message is being delivered.

Strong print media should adhere to business standards, be balanced and evoke emotion.

Website Design

Imagetribe builds WordPress driven websites,
as well as, design and development of website
User-Interfaces (UI).

WordPress allows for a cost-effective, turnkey approach to website development, ultimately allowing the client to manage the content of
their site due to the built-in CMS.


If your needs are more specialized, i.e., video production, photography, copywriting, strategy, Smart Phone applications, etc., Imagetribe has a network (tribe) of resources for collaboration to
fulfill that need.

It all starts with a discussion to determine best practice and quality solutions.